2023 Legislation Round-Up

The tragedy that became the Grenfell Tower incident had a profound effect on the nation. To prevent such an accident from happening again, the Government has been introducing a range of safety improvements and updated legislation requirements.

With much of this legislation coming into effect in 2023, we’ve summarised the key updates and changes to help you make sure you comply, and help you to easily understand what the changes actually are.

Wayfinding Signs

Recent amendments to the Fire Safety: Approved Document B, specifically sections 15.13 - 15.16, now mandate that all residential buildings exceeding three storeys must install Wayfinding Signs. These crucial signs, to be prominently displayed in stairways, will facilitate firefighters by aiding in the identification of floors and flats on each level.

For full compliance with the updated Wayfinding requirements, ensure the following signs are displayed:

  • Signs indicating floor designations
  • Signs marking flat designations (directional arrows to be included where necessary)

With a range of standard signs ready for purchase, and our custom sign builder, you can design your wayfinding signs for your building; and rest assured that we ensure they meet the specific requirements listed in legislation with regards to sign design.


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If you require further assistance ordering Wayfinding signs or have any questions, our team of experts are on hand and ready to help, simply email via sales@safetysigns4less.co.uk or call us at 0808 1699 147.

PIB Signs

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In partnership with the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), the government has introduced the need for Secure Information Boxes, AKA Premises Informational Boxes (PIBs) to be installed in or around all high-rise buildings.

What's a PIB?

A PIB is a secure container or cabinet now legally required in or around high-rise buildings, such as blocks of flats or student accommodation blocks. These boxes hold secure information for emergency responders to refer to in an emergency to assist with evacuating residents, such as building blueprints, locations of fire equipment, and information on vulnerable residents who would need assistance in evacuation.


Why do you need PIB signs?

PIB signs are a crucial addition to PIB boxes, as they quickly direct emergency responders to the PIB, allowing for a faster and more efficient evacuation of vulnerable residents.

With guidance published by the FIA and NFCC on requirements for sign materials, wording, and symbol usage, we’ve designed our range of PIB signs to meet these requirements and guarantee compliance.


Phase 3 Fire Safety Updates

As of 1st October 2023, the government has rolled out Phase 3 of their legislation updates, aimed at bolstering the safety and management of all structures under the Regulatory Reform Order (2005), including high-rise flats. This legislation underscores the necessity for clear signage and regular maintenance checks to ensure a safe environment for residents, staff, and visitors, as well as outlining additional responsibilities for the buildings Responsible Person (RP).

Below are the key changes the updated legislation states:

  • Improve communication & collaboration between the building's Responsible Persons (RPs)
  • All maintenance checks and actions must be documented, and relevant information shared which can be done via our Fire Safety Log Books
  • Empower authorities to act when parties fail to comply with regulations
  • Ensure that fire safety information is available to residents at all times
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