Eco-Friendly Safety Signs

Safety signs are an important legal requirement for premises of all kinds. However, most safety signs are made of plastic or PVC based materials and will last for hundreds if not thousands of years, despite many signs only needing to be used on a temporary basis. Typical premises may have hundreds of safety signs that will eventually be replaced or disposed of- this could represent a significant amount of plastic entering landfill, not to mention the millions of plastic signs produced to meet demand. We have developed a range of best-selling safety signs using alternative eco-friendly materials. These new materials are free from virgin plastics yet offer comparable quality and durability to typical sign materials.

Self-Adhesive Plastic Free Paper - A plastic-free, paper-based material with good print quality. Suitable for indoor use and outdoor use for a limited lifespan.

100% Recycled Rigid Plastic - This is the same material that most safety signs are manufactured from, however, our eco-friendly range is printed on HIPS that is 100% recycled from waste products. Ensuring the same great performance without the need for virgin plastics and completely recyclable at the end of its lifetime. Available in both 1mm & 2mm thickness

Please note that due to demand, this product may take 2-3 working days to arrive