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Zapptizer Room Sanitising Spray

Application and Safety
Regularly sanitising premises is an essential step to take during the current pandemic, particularly before re-opening. Zapptizer spray is an innovative sanitising solution that allows for quick sanitising in a variety of premises - ideal for small spaces, home or vehicle use

Sanitises 15 square metres - destroying germs, viruses and bacteria!

  • Innovative system is very simple to use and allows you to sanitise premises or vehicles fast
  • Effective and nontoxic sanitiser acts fast to kill a huge range of viruses and bacteria as well as providing long lasting residual action
  • Kind to skin biocidal formula means no issues with dryness or skin irritation
  • Non-corrosive and non-staining formula can be used on a wide range of surfaces without risk of damage
  • Highly versatile sanitiser can be used on plants, equipment, walls, floors, in both hot and cold applications leaving a pleasant berry odour
  • Delivered in a rapid and effective fogging mist, far less messy than using multiple wipes
  • Ideal for businesses, healthcare environments, garages, cleaning companies, schools, care homes, hotels and anywhere that sees regular contact with the general public
  • For a full deep treatment purchase the complete Zapptizer 22 Litre Sanitising Kit suitable for large spaces such as offices, vehicles, salons, gyms, care homes and schools


  • Avoid blasting at close contact.
  • Rapid drying.
  • Physical Data:

    • Appearance: Clear, colourless liquid with a gentle berry odour.
    • pH: 5.5 (skin compatible)
    • Use within 3 months

    Emergency Action On:

    • Eye Contact: Flush out with plenty of water.
    • Ingestion: Drink plenty of water and seek medical attention. DO NOT induce vomiting.
    • Spillage: Absorb in granules, sweep up and dispose of via your usual waste disposal channels.

    How long does the Zapptiser spray last?

    The biocides in Zapptizer remain active on a surface indefinitely. This is why we say that longer you leave it without wiping, the more effective it is. Some people have asked if it can be used as a spray-and-wipe, but we recommend spraying and leaving where possible. If you need to wipe, to remove dirt, re-spray afterwards for maximum effect. However, there are external factors we cannot control, such as dust and dirt falling onto surfaces, wind and other things that can affect how effective it is. Therefore, we recommend regular treatment of surfaces in areas where people work and operate.

    How effective is Zapptizer against specific viruses?

    The ingredients in Zapptizer deal rapidly and effectively with an extensive list of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds, and have been tested against small non-enveloped viruses (”hardest-to-kill” category). They have also been tested effectively on enveloped viruses (easiest-to-kill category). On 11 March 2020, the American Chemical Council stated “Products that are effective against non-enveloped viruses (hardest-to-kill category) are likely to be effective against COVID-19”. ACC also stated they “expect products that are effective against enveloped viruses (easiest-to-kill category) to be also effective against non-enveloped viruses.”

    But aren’t alcohol-based sanitisers the only way to kill viruses and bacteria?

    No, there are many non-alcohol based biocides and virucides used commercially and in the home for disinfection and sanitising.

    Will Zapptizer set off fire systems?

    We don’t advise spraying directly into smoke detectors, however the mist is minimal and should only be applied on surfaces, so shoudn't be a problem.

    Is this product certified with an independent tester?

    Yes, the sanitiser is tested by an independent tester.


    Description Zapptizer Disinfectant Sanitiser
    Size 500ml
    Pack Qty 1 Spray
    Code XY12759
    Price Each
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    Product Code Description Size Pack Qty 1 + Quantity  
    XY12759 Zapptizer Disinfectant Sanitiser 500ml 1 Spray £8.95


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    XY12759 - Zapptizer Disinfectant Sanitiser

    Description Zapptizer Disinfectant Sanitiser
    Size 500ml
    Pack Qty 1 Spray

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